Chapter 3.12 is out! Remember to enter your men for the casting call!


Nina won the heir vote! Make sure to enter your submissions for the casting call!


Chapter 3.11 is out! Don’t forget to vote for the heir!


Chapter 3.10 is out!


Chapter 3.9 is out!


Chapter 3.8 is finally out! I will try to release chapters more frequently!


Happy Easter,I hope you have a lovely weekend!


We reached 3000 hits! Thank you to all my lovely readers who have stuck by me as I have improved as a writer since January!I hope to one day make it to 10 000 hits and that my writing will improve much, much more!


Chapter 3.7 is out!


Chapter 3.6 is out!

Chapter 3.5 is out!


Chapter 3.4 is out!


Check out this legacies official forum HERE, here I will post whenever there is a new chapter and some other exciting news! I would also looove to have a conversation about anything, what mods I use, cc, etc!

Chapter 3.3 is out!

About My Legacy

  Hi everyone! This is my first legacy so please feel free to leave any suggestions. Also when it comes to rules,

  1.  I will not be recording my points even though I will be following the rules.
  2.  The heir can be male or female and I will be posting a poll to decide who will become heir.  
  3. I can/will bend the rules for the purpose of the story.

The Torres legacy official forum is available here.

Please let me know what you think and if you are enjoying it! Thank very much and happy reading!

 The starter of the legacy is Lyla Torres .Her biological brother and adoptive parents were killed in a fire so she moved to Sunset Valley to make a name for herself and start a legacy. Will she be able to find someone to start a legacy with? Click below to find out. 

  To Start From The Beginning Click Here


     Bringing in the second generation is Rebecca. She fell in love with Rogelio Mae when she was 13, but he just moved to Riverview so he could follow his dreams. Follow Rebecca as she tries to find a man to produce a heir for the legacy that her mother started, tries to get over Rogelio, and tries to become a five star chef. To find out if she achieves her goals click here.          

In the third generation we meet Jade. Bullied by her sisters since she was six, Jade must learn to overcome her shy trait and find a spouse to help her bring in the fourth generation. When she finds Lex, the guy who stood her up when they were sixteen, she feels on top of the world, because he loves her! Or does he? If you want to read along as Jade learns who really loves her click here.



20 responses

23 01 2011

I love Lyla’s dress. Where’s it from?

23 01 2011

i believe its from late night!?!? I will check when i play again

1 02 2011

High end Loft, I believe.

6 02 2011

I found the Teen pregnancy mod!



6 02 2011

Thank you very much!

8 02 2011

Hey Amy, I was wondering do you have twitter?

If yes, can u post your username on my blog? 🙂

9 02 2011

no sorry..

26 02 2011

Hi, just looking at your story, it looks kewl! I would read it but I’ve got tons of homework and the new chapter of the legacy to do.

26 02 2011

let me know what you think when you do get a chance to look at it!

11 03 2011

Loving the legacy so far, I’ve added you to my links 🙂

12 03 2011

Just wanted to say that I’ve finally updated my legacy 🙂 adoring yours

31 03 2011

Hey I made a new chapter to Rained. :3

14 04 2011

Really enjoying what I’ve read so far!

14 04 2011

Also, thanks for all the likes on my chapters, really means a lot as I’ve just started this for the first time.

16 04 2011

Oh your welcome, sorry I didn’t comment though I was in a rush! I promise I’ll comment next time!

17 04 2011

Since you won the heir bet, you get a prize! Your prize is important, as your job is to make a little girl, a mix of both Santo and Beth named Kay. She will be the daughter of Santo and Beth, so make it good! Also try not to include any bad CC, but try to include good CC if possible!

19 04 2011

don’t think I’ll be able to get that to you 😦 Sorry, my launcher hates me!

21 04 2011

This is a very interesting site. The content is very informative and I am so glad that I dropped by. Thanks!

3 05 2011

Hey, you asked on my legacy for the prize? If you can, as soon as possible, please.

10 05 2011

Hi! I’ve found a thing for you to do as a prize as you won the bet that DOES NOT involve the launcher. I want you to make up a child for the legacy by yourself. You see (next sentence includes spoilers), Bambi will have 3 awsome kids, but at a late age she has a fourth. What are we gonna do? So any gender, any style, just tell me about ’em and I’ll work them into the story! See, a perfectly easy prize without use of a launcher!

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